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Private Classes

Private canning parties are a great way to learn a new skill with some of your favorite friends. They can be as fancy or as chill as you want – mimosas and quiche? a bloody mary with some freshly pickled dilly beans? an evening potluck to wind down the week? – whatever you envision, we can make it work. These are especially fun events to have for bridal showers or craft nights!

Both basic classes (101 and 102) are two hours long and all handouts, ingredients, and jars are included in the price. Students will keep whatever is made in the workshop and all canning equipment will be provided by the instructor. We also make sure to bring a selection of home-canned items for you to sample!

Private basic classes for up to six students are $180; additional students may be added at $30 each. A $180 deposit is required to hold your date and is due three weeks prior to your scheduled class date. If for any reason you need to cancel your spot in a class, you must notify us no later than three days prior to your scheduled date. Cancellations are entitled to a refund within that time frame. No refunds will be issued for last-minute cancellations (less than 3 days) or no-shows.  Registration is transferable to another person and you are welcome to send a friend in your place if you must cancel. If too many cancellations occur and the class size drops below the minimum number of students, the entire workshop will be cancelled.

«« for locations that require travel time between 30 and 60 minutes one-way, a gas charge of $10 and $20 per event (not person), respectively, will be added. classes that will take longer than an hour of one-way travel will incur additional gas charges that will be agreed on beforehand »»


Whether you are new to canning or just need a refresher course, Canning 101 is a great starting point for most students. It is also a prerequisite for the more advanced canning classes we offer. The focus of this workshop will be safety, equipment, and science as we discuss the boiling water bath technique, used when canning high acid foods. Once mastered, this method will enable you to safely and confidently can everything from jams to pickles to fruit! Class includes a hands-on portion where we make a high acid item, generally a pickle or a preserved fruit.


Pressure Canning classes are open to any students who have done a beginner’s workshop with me in the past. We will thoroughly discuss the safety issues of canning low acid foods and go step-by-step through the pressure canning process. Due to time constraints, we will most likely be canning glazed carrots as they have a relatively short processing time. However, you will get a full understanding of how the pressure canner works and will easily be able to move on to meats or soups after taking this class.


Advanced classes are run much the same way as our basic classes but, instead of the half lecture / half kitchen format, these classes focus solely on the topic at hand. They are available for students who have taken a Canning 101 class with us in the past and their prices will vary. Want to further your pickling knowledge? An advanced workshop would focus on fermentation and brine, sweet and dill recipes, and what equipment and ingredients would be needed for a successful product. We’d make two different pickles from seasonal vegetables and/or fruit. Our advanced jam making workshop focuses on the basic science of successful jamming – pectin, gel, and acid – and the differences in jams, jellies, and other preserves. Students would make and can two types of jam, one with added pectin and an old fashioned one without. How about relishes or chutneys?  A class working only with tomatoes? Advanced workshops can be tailored around whatever your interests are, so just let us know what you’d like to do!


Perhaps you and your friends are seasoned canners and just want a refresher on the most recent safety and equipment guidelines? We can schedule a 60 – 90 minute presentation covering those topics, complete with visual aids and time for your specific questions that may have arisen over your years in the kitchen. And, as always, we’ll bring some home-canned treats for everyone to try! This class follows the same booking and cancellation policy as the basic classes, but, as there is no demo or kitchen time, the price starts at $72 for the six student minimum, additional participants at $12/each.


This is best suited for larger groups and is a very basic 20 – 30 minute presentation focused on what you need to know to get started with canning. We are happy to do these for free if travel expenses and any handouts are paid for. We will also bring in home-canned goods for people to try if the organizer can reimburse us for them.