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Mar 8th
sunshine canning | mimosa jelly

Since I so enjoyed the mimosas at the private canning party last month, I decided that what I really needed was a mimosa jelly! I looked through a few recipes online and tried out a couple of variations, but couldn’t seem to find on that gelled well. Luckily, being a Floridian, I have an awful lot of fresh orange juice at my disposal and I think I finally hit the mark! This should work equally well with bottled orange juice if you don’t have your very own citrus grove in your backyard 🙂 Also, there is no mashing or chopping of fruit in jellies, so this all goes pretty quickly!

sunshine canning | mimosa jelly


2 cups champagne

1 cup orange juice

2 T lemon juice

4 cups sugar

1 box of powdered pectin

Yield ~ 5 half pints

1) Sterilize canning jars and prepare two-piece canning lids according to manufacturer’s directions.

2) Bring champagne, orange juice, lemon juice, and pectin to a boil.

sunshine canning | mimosa jelly

3) Add sugar, return to a full rolling boil, and boil hard for one minute.

4) Remove from heat, skim foam (and there’s A LOT thanks to all that fizzy champagne goodness!), and ladle into sterilized jars.

sunshine canning | mimosa jelly

sunshine canning | mimosa jelly

5) Wipe rims of jars with a dampened clean paper towel; adjust two-piece metal canning lids. Process in a Boiling Water Canner for 5 minutes.

sunshine canning | mimosa jelly