Canning 101 with A Simpler Place

May 7th
A Simpler Place Farm & Market
9903 Carr Rd, Riverview
05/07/2017 : 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Whether you are new to canning or just need a refresher course, Canning 101 is a great starting point for most students. The focus of this workshop will be safety, equipment, and science as we discuss the boiling water bath technique. Once mastered, this method will enable you to safely and confidently can everything from jams to pickles to fruit! For this workshop, we’ll be talking pickles ~ learn all about brine, sweet and dill recipes, and what ingredients would be needed for a successful product. Students will also participate in the hands-on part of the class when we put our knowledge to use and pickle a seasonal vegetable. All supply costs are included in the class fee and students will take home a jar made in the class. And, as always, I’ll bring lots of home-canned goodies for students to sample!

Registration is required via the eventbrite link found here.


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